Bin Lid

A light weight one piece moulded bin lid designed for use with Palmart 1200mm x 1000mm collapsible plastic bins. Heavy duty corner mouldings are designed to provide safe stacking of further bins on top of the base layer.
Design based on a UDL - Uniformly distributed load

Weight kg: 8
Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 110mm
Material: HDPE-2
Fork entry: N/A
FDA approved material: Yes
Hand grips: N/A
RFID tag holders: N/A
Colour options: Yes - minimum qtys apply
Custom branding: Yes - minimum qtys apply
Non slip pads: N/A


J-Bolt Tools

The Pallenz J-Bolt requires a special tool to enable access to the J-Bolt cavity - a security feature designed to prohibit RFID tag tampering.

Tools are supplied to authorised installers or service agents only.

Material: Steel



Manufactured from food grade HDPE 
IMPORTANT - Weights are based on ISO information for an uniformly distributed load (UDL) 
Pallets for point loads must have a customised design 
Made in a zero waste facility where all wate is utliised elsewhere in the factory 
Are manufactured for New Zealand standard pallet racking 
Racking pallets have in built recesses to secure the pallet against accidental dislodgement 
Bins are locakable thereby ensuring product is protected both from the elements and from theft 
All surface are smooth 
RFID capsules are built into all Pallenz Plastic products