Frequently Asked Questions



a) Are Pallenz pallets made from Food grade materials

Pallenz Pallets are made from Food grade material so are ideal for all food and pharmaceutical businesses 

b) Are Pallenz pallets easily cleaned

Blow moulded plastic does not have any right angle bends or cavities so they are very easily cleaned by using a high pressure water hose

c) Are blow moulded pallets hygienic

Our one piece blow moulded pallets are single skinned so can not  harbour any insects or bacteria

d) How many pallets high can I store

You can store as high as is safe. You must remember the higher you go the more the lower pallets are required to carry so the lower pallets must be stronger

e) How many pallets/bins do I need to purchase

You can purchase one or more. There are no minimum order volumes

f) Can I pick up my bins

Yes you can. Let us know and we will have them ready for you in Hamilton

g) Will plastic pallets burn

Plastic will burn very slowly but does melt at around 140C

h) What temperature can you store plastic blow moulded pallets

Blow moulded plastic pallets can be stored effectively between    -90C and  70 C

i) Are blow moulded pallets stronger than injection moulded pallets

Blow moulded pallets are 5 times stronger than injection moulded pallets as tested by an IZOD impact test.

j) Will blow moulded pallets withstand chemicals if they accidental spilt on them

blow moulded pallets have a significantly stronger resistance to chemicals than injection moulded pallets

k) Are blow moulded pallets recyclable

Blow moulded pallets can – if clean – be recycled into other products

l) Will a blow moulded pallet break resulting in a possible worker injury

A blow moulded pallet will not shatter with resultant shards which could cause injuries. The pallet if dropped or run over will squash and may split but will not break.

m) How long does it take from concept design to making a product if I need a customised product

This depends on you but if you are part of the process and ensure your part is played then a customised design and tooling can be completed within 3 months. The first product will come off the line shortly after that.

n) Can I have a customised pallet and what are pallet tooling costs

Pallet tooling costs include the price to design and build the tooling for your customised product. For a product the size of a pallet, they are generally a significant investment, so if you are considering a customised pallet design, you need to ensure you require a significant volume of product otherwise the price of the tooling may make each individual pallet price too high for your market.

o) Can I have a pallet in my company colours

By all means yes you can. There is a minimum order of 200 pallets required for this.

p) Can I have a two coloured pallet

Unfortunately due to the nature of blow moulding we can not do this

q) Can I have my logo placed on the pallet

Yes you can but there is a cost involved in setting up the plate to emboss your logo into the pallet

r) Which companies use Pallenz pallets currently

Companies such as the Goodman Fielder, George Weston Foods, Tegel are among those who use Pallenz pallets. They are also used by the United nations and the NZ Defence Force

s) Where are Pallenz pallets made

Pallenz pallets are made in New Zealand by ESPlastics

t) Who owns Pallenz Plastics

Pallenz Pallets is owned and operated by New Zealanders