About Us

Proud of our success

Pallenz Plastics Limited is a wholly owned New Zealand company.

We have been designing, developing and manufacturing plastic pallets and materials handling systems since 1991 and in that time our products have created a broad market appeal in the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Recognising the trend toward the use of ISO pallet sizes our range of plastic pallets and folding pallet bins are now also available made to a range of standards including the ISO and Australian standards.

Since the introduction of wooden pallets over 50 years ago, no one has developed a more suitable alternative for moving product through the supply chain. To succeed, it would have to balance off strength, durability, functional efficiency and cost.

At Pallenz we believe this is best achieved with the use of plastic materials because modern technology and our own ingenuity make it possible, and because industry requirements make it necessary.

PALLENZ has found that the plastic pallets greatest benefit is its longevity. This comes about through the manufacturing process and materials used, combined with its patented innovations and design features.